T H E  B E A C H  A T  K A I L U A  K O N A


Terry Schneider, professional triathlete, looks pretty relaxed as she chats with friends before a Thursday morning ocean swim workout.

Alexandra Paul, having just completed her swim workout, looks forward to getting all of her racing gear checked in and some time to get mentally focused.


It is always a good feeling to have completed a 1.5 mile ocean swim workout.


Pals, were excited about having their picture appear in a website.



Holly Nybo, professional triathlete with friend Kathy Hughes, 45 minutes before the start of the Ironman. Holly has one Ironman victory (Canada) to her credit. Kathy is a top age group competitor.


Shari and Pete Kain. Shari, one of the top mountian bikers in the world and Polo Sport Ralph Lauren  poster girl. Pete wins World Triathlon Championship titles.


There were 52 countries represented in this years Ironman. This participant is from Brazil.