I'm standing on Omaha Beach, where the story of Saving Private Ryan  begins. A group of Rangers survive the horrible Nazi fire only to be sent on a dubious and dangerous mission to retrieve a Pvt. Ryan, someone the government wants saved because his three brothers have already been killed. If you're curious about the thoughts of someone who participated in the Normandy Invasion and their reaction to the film, you can read their account. 

 The pre teens from Paris are enjoying their first visit to the ocean. I introduced myself to their teacher, and had to explain what a high school was! There is not an equivalent in France.

A view from atop the Eiffel Tower. When completed in 1889, it was the world's tallest building. Today it still gets twice as many visitors as the Louve and is regarded as the enduring symbol of Paris. 

 The Emperor Napoleon lies majestically entombed along with other French war heroes here at Europe's greatest military museum in the Hotel des Invalides.

This was the view Leonardo de Vinci enjoyed during his last years at Clos-Luce. Models of his remarkable inventions are stored here, as well as a copy of the Mona Lisa.





Chateau de Chenonceau is considered the loviest of chateaux. Maybe because it reflects the combined influence of five women who brought a feminine touch, Catherine de Medici in particular. 

 This picturesque house is in Sarlat, a small town surrounded by hills and soft scenery. It has been a haven for writers and artists throughout the centuries and remains so today.

 Le Mont St. Michel is one of those rare places that look as spectacular when they are seen as they do in travel brochures. The tide is the strongest in the world and the sea can come in as fast as a horse can gallop.

 Grotte de Font de-Gaume, the last important cave in the world where you can admire magnificant prehistoric cave paintings firsthand that date back 15,000 years.