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Sutter Buttes
Jan Tiura: Tugging at the Heart, Photography Reception, Moon News

Tom Kendrick - "Bluewater Gold Rush" Malibu Event

Kain Kids Have a Mavericks Romp: May 2007
Chester Wild West Rodeo: July 2007
Folsom Lake: A Visit with Lynn & Greg: August 2007
Almaden Relays: Lauren Competes: July 2007
Anthoney Swims from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park: September 2007
Mount Umunhum: A Very Memorable Day: November 2006
Mount Umunhum: Randee, Megan & Marie train Huskies: December 2006
Mount Umunhum: Tribute to Loren McQueen: February 2007
Becky Gibbs, Professional Triathlete
Mount George, Napa, April 2008