Mavericks Bombs - No Fear of Death

Mavericks: Everest of the Seas

Champagne & Wine Reception Pictures, 2014

Champagne & Wine Reception Pictures, 2013

Coastal Arts League - 300 Main St., Half Moon Bay

Mark Healey catches the wave of the day on his way to a fifth place finish in the Mavericks Invitational surf contest, Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013
Anthony Tashnick races alongside a magnificent wave as it explodes during the finals of the Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest

Jeff Clark

Cell 949 303-8998



Chris Bertish, Winner, Maverick’s Surf Contest. Shot taken during finals & shows Bertish riding a Jeff Clark Board.

Grant Washburn, Heat 6, Maverick’s Surf Contest, riding a Jeff Clark Board.

Ken “Skindog” Collins, 6th place, Maverick’s Surf Contest, riding a Jeff Clark Board.

Bob Barbour

Carlos Burle, 5th place Maverick’s Surf Contest, riding a Jeff Clark Board

Clark delivering boards for display in the Coastal Arts League Gallery, Mavericks: Everest of the Seas Show

Ed Grant

Cell 650 888-9908

Grant "Twiggy" Baker - Biggest Wave Ever

Anthony Tashnick

2010 Contest - Awarded knarliest drop of the day

Russell Smith - The Drop

Rob Brown

Phone: 949-230-9327


Dorian & Friend

Afternoon Glass

Chris Brown Massive

Grant Washburn - The Chase


Burkley Eggers & Kaira Wallace

Half Moon Bay Surf Club

Mavericks Surf Contest: Opening Ceremony

Alex Martins, Semi-Final Heat, Maverick’s Surf Contest, riding a Jeff Clark Board

Jeff Clark

Don Montgomery

Tyler Fox

Shane Desmond

Zach Wormhoudt

Tony Canada

650 726-5400

Nathan Fletcher

Matt Ambrose

Jeff Clark

Sue Pemberton


2010 Opening Day Ceremony

Circle, 2010 Opening Day

Surfers Returning

Carlos Burle

Anthony Tashnick


Jeff Clark , switch foot at Mavericks, Cover Shot, Surfer Magazine

Jeff Clark, going left

Grant Washburn

Aqua Wave




Jeff Clark & Jay Moriarity going in for a rescue

Jay Moriarity




Jeff Clark

Mavericks Overview

707 824-9633

Jeff Clark & Rom Rissacher

Jeff's Gun (Spanish Omelette), Tom's Seascape in Oil


Grant Washburn, Cover Shot

Washburn is a leading spokesman on Maverick's
and has surfed it more often than anyone over the past
15 years. He has competed in all of the Maverick’s
Surfing Events, reaching the Semi-Finals five times
and the finals three. He received the Jay Moriarity
Award in 2004.

For "Chasing Mavericks," Washburn taught Gerard Butler everything he could about surfing — and even more about wiping out. In the film from 20th Century Fox, Butler plays surf legend Frosty Hesson, who teaches teenager Jay Moriarity (Jonny Weston) to take on Mavericks, the point break where waves crest at upward of 60 feet near Northern California's Half Moon Bay. And he relied on Washburn, a pro big-wave surfer, to make him look the part.

The Left

XXL Mavericks

Zach Wormhoudt

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