Ireland: Past & Present

June 11 - 22, 2009

Barbara Moburg, Tour Coordinator - Joshua, Tour Guide

Arrived Ireland early morning. Route between Shannon & Galway with some memorable stops along the way.

Beautiful scenery throughout Ireland

Picturesque scenes like this are plentiful along the way

Looking towards O'Brien's Tower. Just off shore is a reef that creates great surfing & monster waves.

Burren, meaning great rock, it is one of the greatest karst landscapes in Europe

An oft quoted description: "Where there are no trees to hang a man. Where there is not enough water to drown him. And if you finally succeeded in killing him, it's too rocky to bury him."

Poulanbrone Dolmen, one of Irelands's most famous ancient monuments.


The Burren is famous for its abundance & variety of flora

They are nurtured by a unique combination of soil, heat & moisture

This is a place of pilgrimage for botanists & geologists

Poulanbrone Dolmen, a stiking example of the many ancient monuments which are particularly common in this part of Ireland because of the availability of limestone slabs.


Single women wear Claddagh rings on their right hand, wih the heart facing away from them. When they find friendship or love, they turn the ring to face them. When they are sure they have found true love, they wear the ring on their left hand, with the heart toward them.

Driving in Ireland - how drivers manage to survive is a complete mystery to me

Arriving in Kinvara, Dunguaire Castle in the distance

Kinvara, a very picturesque harbor town

Galway - view of the River Corrib, one of the shortest rivers in Europe

Dinner included larger servings than you could ever imagine

Galway is noted as one of the best tourist destinations in the world

Sunday market

Inspirational words from Josh about Ireland's literary giant, James Joyce

Residence of Nora Barnacle, mistress & wife of James Joyce.

Oscar Wilde sitting alongside the famous Estonian writer, Eduard Wilde

A striking waterfront scene on our way to Salthil

Celebrating a belated graduation

Boarding the ferry to the Aran Islands

Horse & trap, a delightful way to get around

The Fort of Aonghasa sits atop distance hill

High cliffs bordering Fort Aengus