Mavericks Bombs - No Fear of Death


March 2, 2005

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Jeff Clark shares the podium and Balance Vector prize purse of $75,000: Results:

1st - Anthony Tashnick ($25,000); 2nd - Greg Long ($8,000); 3rd - Tyler Smith ($6,000); 4th - Zach Wormhoudt ($5,000); 5th - Shane Desmond ($4,000); 6th - Matt Ambrose - ($3,000). Competiting surfers receive $1000 each.

Matt Ambrose received the prestigious Jay Moriarity award, and Ryan Augustine received the Reactor Watches Heavy Water Award.

Spectators lining the beach and cliffs.

Ryan Augustine

Anthony Tashnick, Winner of Mavericks Big Wave Surf Contest.

Eraldo Guelros